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Eva Solo North America Nordic Kitchen Damascus Bread Knife

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The long sharp blade of the bread knife cuts clean bread slices with minimum effort, even of freshly baked bread.

As one of the knives which get the most use in the kitchen, it is important that the knife is extremely sharp and hard-wearing.

Eva Solo's Nordic Kitchen knives have been manufactured according to Japanese knife-making traditions, employing the same techniques used to make samurai swords.

Skilled metalworkers have laid 67 layers of Japanese Damascus steel (AUS 10) to create the remarkably strong blade. In addition, the blade edge has a Japanese angle of 13-15° on each side ensuring maximum sharpness without compromising on flexibility.

The handle is shaped according to the hand’s anatomy. The bolster is designed so that you can rest your thumb on it, allowing you to apply optimum pressure and for greater precision. The spine of the blade is rounded.

The knives are extremely durable with a hardness of 60 HRC.

The chef’s knife is suitable for virtually all cutting tasks in the kitchen requiring razor-sharp performance, and is therefore the preferred choice of chefs.

  • High-quality knife manufactured according to Japanese traditions
  • Cuts through bread with ease
  • Incredibly sharp 67-layer Damascus steel
  • Sits well in the hand
  • Size: Blade length: 24 cm, Length: 36.7 cm