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Viking 3-ply Copper Clad 13pc Cookware Set W/ Vented Glass Lids

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The 13-piece tri-ply copper cookware set: A prized possession of professional chefs as well as home cooks alike - serves up superior performance paired with a beautiful, real copper exterior finish. Unlike cookware sets painted with copper color exteriors, this set is made from real copper. Because of this, you may notice your cookware set developing a rich patina over time, showing color variations caused by heat and marks from fingerprints. These natural cosmetic changes to the copper will not affect the cooking performance. This can be amended with a copper polish like PennyBrite by EZ Brite or with a natural mixture of lemon and salt. Due to the high thermal conductivity of copper, you’ll achieve perfectly uniform heating and exceptional temperature control. Not only will your cookware heat up quickly, but cool quickly as well, making it the perfect setting for precise cooking. That's why professional chefs prize copper cookware to handle even the most delicate of tasks. Al you have to do is keep your heat low to moderate and let the pan do the rest! High heat increases color changes with copper cookware but can still be removed with a good copper cleaner. The copper line’s interiors are made of non-reactive, durable surgical-grade stainless steel that prevents any metallic flavor from seeping into your food. The 13-piece tri-ply copper cookware’s aluminum alloy core evenly transfers heat from rim-to-rim, eliminating hot spots and giving you the perfect sear each and every time. The combination of the three bonded or clad metals distribute heat more evenly across the pan while also maintaining higher cooking temperatures, even on low-to-medium heat. Anything higher would not be recommended for clad cookware. Ergonomic handles reduce pressure on your wrists with a comfortable grip. Vented, tempered glass lids help prevent boil-overs and allow you to monitor progress without losing any heat. Keep your cookware’s exterior looking new by cooking only on low-to-medium temperatures and by regularly wiping it with copper polish or by using a combination of lemon and salt. Washing your cookware by hand after each use and drying it by hand as well will also help to keep its color uniform. It is recommended to store your cookware in a dry location.

What's Included?

  • 5 Lid
  • 1 Stock Pot
  • 2 Saucepan
  • 2 Frying Pan / Skillet
  • 1 Saute Pan
  • Steamer Basket / Insert


  • Durable 3-ply construction delivered rim-to-rim heating and precise temperature control
  • Thanks to the high thermal conductivity of real copper you can cook at lower temperatures, saving energy costs
  • Enjoy the rich patina that real copper develops naturally over time, or easily keep the exterior looking like new with copper polish or a combination of lemon and salt
  • Multi-purpose use: Works on the stovetop, oven, and grill up to 600°F
  • Vented glass lids help prevent boil-overs and are oven-safe up to 400°F

Product Details

  • Stove Type Compatibility: Gas; Electric Smooth Top; Electric Coil Cook Top
  • Primary Material: Copper
  • Oven Safe: Yes