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Viking 7-Ply Titanium 10 Piece Cookware Set

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This product was designed to deliver professional performance using state of the art materials. The impressive strength-to-weight ratio of titanium creates a 7-ply pan that is not as heavy as other pans of similar clad construction while maintaining exceptional heat distribution and eliminating hot spots on the surface of the pan during cooking to finish your meal evenly. Like other clad multi-ply cookware, the Viking 7-ply titanium cookware is so efficient that it will help you save energy. With this cookware, it is best to cook on low-to-medium heat and allow the layers of cookware to heat up, delivering higher cooking temperatures with lower heat settings. The set is designed to maximize performance by mixing materials used in building the pans. The exterior layer is a durable induction capable stainless steel. The enclosed wall-to-wall core includes five layers of aluminum alloy that help evenly distribute heat, not only across the bottom, but even up the side walls of the pan so all of the surfaces are working for you during cooking. The interior layer extremely durable titanium, which is known for both heat transfer and the health benefits that are associated with cooking with it. Titanium is unaffected by both acids and alkaline as well as salt. Because it is so non-reactive and non-corrosive, it will not impart any metallic flavor into your food or etch from cooking acidic foods like spaghetti sauce. The titanium contains a natural inhibitor that has an antibacterial effect allowing for longer food storage than traditional cookware offers. Oven and grill safe to 600°F, you can even use this cookware under the broiler. The stainless-steel lids are domed to reduce evaporation and help keep moisture in your food while cooking. While the entire set is dishwasher safe, they always recommend hand washing cookware to extend the life and shine of the metal. The set includes a 10” fry pan, 12” fry pan, 2 qt saucepan with lid, 3 qt saucepan with lid, 4.5 qt sauté pan with lid and helper handle and a 6 qt Dutch oven/stockpot with lid. The entire set features a limited lifetime warranty.

What's Included?

  • 4 Lid
  • 2 Saucepan
  • 2 Frying Pan / Skillet
  • 1 Saute Pan
  • Dutch Oven


  • The clad construction uses less energy because these pans perform best on low-to-medium heat settings
  • The titanium surface features natural non-stick qualities without a chemical coating, providing better release of proteins than traditional uncoated stainless interiors
  • Titanium has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any metal on earth. It is 3-to-4 times stronger than stainless steel at half the weight, making the pans durable, yet lighter to hold than other multi-ply clad cookware with a similar gauge.
  • The titanium interior is not affected by acids, alkaline, salt, or other corrosives, making the ideal cooking surface that won’t react to different foods or transfer metallic flavor to your meal.
  • Titanium is an ideal cooking surface because it contains natural inhibitors that have an antibacterial effect making it an ideal surface for cooking and allowing more prolonged food storage than traditional cookware

Product Details

  • Stove Type Compatibility: Gas; Electric Smooth Top; Induction; Electric Coil Cook Top
  • Primary Material: Stainless steel
  • Oven Safe: Yes